Creating Data
Management Standards

Humanistic and Sensitive Productivity
Our mission is to provide our customers with technology products and services to manage their digital assets, which includes the ability to transform, preserve, secure, access and sustain those digital assets.

We achieve this with our OMNES product suite, which provides complete Data Lifecycle Management.

The technology we use and the solutions we deliver to our customers, include humanistic, scientific, and technological approaches, which involve a combination of policies, strategies and actions.

This ensures the innovation we provide in data management, is sensitive and fits the needs of our customers, enabling them to strengthen their market position and improve their productivity.
DB Seret has been in business since 2003 and currently has offices in Rome, Naples and London, which include significant resources in Research and Development, Product Support and Implementation. We have a dedicated team for R&D in Artificial Intelligence.

Innovative development at DB Seret, includes Creating Data Management Standards such as UNI 11845:2022, which are processes for managing long term preservation of digital images using the FITS file format.

The DB Seret team in the UK is also working with BSI on the International Toolkit of Digital Standards.

DB Seret works in many industries, including Heritage, Space, Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, and Government, as well as many fields of Data Management, including Data Mining and AI.

Key customers across Europe include the European Space Agency, the Vatican Library, NATO, and the Italian Government.