Our Comprehensive
Services Offering

Implementation and configuration
DB Seret has 20 years of experience in software implementations and configurations with in-depth knowledge of our products, enabling us to meet your personalised requirements, and allowing you to benefit the most from your solution.

We use a well proven process which includes five stages of; 1) exploration; 2) installation; 3) initial implementation; 4) full implementation; and 5) expansion and scale-up. This ensures that your implementation and configuration runs smoothly, minimising disruption to your business and getting you up and running with the knowledge to make the most of your data management and AI solution.
Consultancy and project management
Business analysis will determine how your requirements can be met and identify and agree on any personalisation that maybe necessary in order to address your business requirements before implementation.

We install or provision the required OMNES products, which can be deployed as on-premise, native cloud, or cloud hosting options.

We will project manage the process, working with your business and technical users. Together we will create standard test scripts, as well as advice and guidance during testing, to ensure valuable and successful User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
Domain expertise
Domain expertise refers to expert or in-depth knowledge in a field, or subject, or industry. DB Seret’s domain expertise is used to evaluate the inputs, guide the process, and evaluate the end products to provide value and validity for our customers.

DB Seret works in many industries, including Heritage, Space, Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, and Government, as well as many fields of Data Management, including Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.  

The OMNES products can be used in any business environment, and we are working to provide other industry specific solutions for Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Retail and Defence.

Everyone is saying that AI is a game-changer, but you don’t know where and how it can benefit your business.

Are you worried that AI implementation could be a blackhole for time, money, and resources?

DB Seret, with OMNES, can help you evaluate how AI can improve your business, and then implement it successfully to provide significant benefits.
No one knows OMNES like DB Seret, and no one else has the systems and instructional experience to help you learn OMNES software as effectively.

During an OMNES implementation project, there will be a continuous need to keep end-users and IT up to speed with the products, and how they will impact the day-to-day activities in the company. This will continue up to Go Live and beyond.

OMNES training is delivered by expert instructors on your premises or in a virtual learning environment. We provide the following.
  • Superuser Training
  • Train the Trainer
  • End User Training
  • Continuous Learning
DB Seret provides numerous opportunities for customers to continue their OMNES education and software optimisation with Lunch and Learn webinars, educational summits, industry-specific symposiums, user conferences and more.
Support & Maintenance
Our consultants have over 100 man years of experience and are professionally accredited and technically experienced in their specialist products. So, you can rest assured that your query will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Our company’s mission is to solve tomorrow’s unique challenges today, with unrivaled purpose-built software and superior customer experiences from people who care.

With DB Seret, you’ll benefit from:
  • Dedicated professionals that offer depth and breadth expertise in the products and technology solutions.
  • A wide array of comprehensive support services to keep your business moving.
  • Customer support representatives that you can count on to get to the bottom of every question and provide timely resolutions.
Customised development
The OMNES suite of products are powerful, versatile, and highly configurable, whether used individually or combined. This is usually sufficient to meet most customer requirements.

However, when necessary, tailored customisation of OMNES is available for those that have very unique requirements.

We can enhance your metadata, analysis codes and search profiles and other areas of configuration to specifically meet your requirements.

We can help you create new custom software solutions, improve existing solutions, modernize legacy systems, and integrate new systems with existing ones.

Our objective is to create a solution that solves your business problem, meet requirements, responds to market needs, and optimises your internal operations.